Request: Looking for Housing for supporting the Saba Biodiversity Expedition

Saba News received the following request for supporting a Saba Biodiversity Expedition:
Dear Sabans,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Michiel Boeken, a biologist from the Netherlands. Some of you may remember me, being the principal of the SCS from 2010-2012.
Since my return to Europe almost 12 years ago, not a single day passed by without thinking of the Unspoiled Queen. During recent years I visited the island several times for a couple of weeks, conducting biological research on among others tropicbirds, orchids, and insects.
Michiel Boeken studying a tropic bird
Most groups of insects are very poorly studied on Saba. For example, presently about 70 different species of beetles are known, whereas, based on better-studied small islands in the Caribbean, about 350 species are expected to occur.
For nature conservation, it is very important to have a better image of the biodiversity of the different climate zones on the island. Another example: 25 years ago, a new bee species was described on Statia, now known as Statia bee. It was thought only to be present on Statia, where it is quite rare. During my investigation in 2022, I found it much more common on Saba, where I also identified the nesting spots.
To amplify the knowledge about Saba’s biodiversity, I’m trying to organize a “relay expedition” at the end of the year. In this expedition, several teams of specialists from different countries will visit the island consecutively for about two weeks each. The team I gathered up till now may cover November 2024-February 2025. During their stay, several teams are willing to give workshops or presentations to the schools or the general public. The results of the whole project will be published in a scientific magazine.
Both SCF and Sea & Learn Foundation are very positive about this project and are planning to assist and promote the research that will be taking place.
The biggest problem in organizing this is housing. We don’t need any luxury, but a simple 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen and some space to sort out the material would be necessary. If you have any suggestions for (affordable, for scientists in general aren’t very wealthy…) housing during the said period, we would be very happy!
Please send an e-mail to
Hope to see you (and Saba) soon.
Kind regards, Michiel Boeken
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