Promotional sale Saba Splash water

The public had the opportunity to buy Saba Splash, the locally produced and bottled drinking water, at reduced prices on Wednesday, May 4.

The Saba Splash team sold the 3 and 5-gallon water bottles from the back of the Saba Splash truck on the parking lot in front of the Tourism Bureau in the Windwardside. The 5-gallon bottle was on sale for US $4 and the 3-gallon bottle for US $3. This reduced price excluded the US $7 one-time deposit that people have to pay for the bottle itself. This deposit ensures that people bring back the empty bottles so they can be refilled. People received one free stand and tap or a small hand pump per household.

The sale of Saba Splash water bottles on the parking lot in the Windwardside on Wednesday.

People are encouraged to purchase Saba Splash water. It is more affordable than imported water, it is of high quality, it is sustainable and helps to reduce the amount of single-use plastic. Saba Splash is sold at the Emporium Supermarket in The Bottom and at Big Rock Supermarket in the Windwardside.

The Saba Splash water bottling plant opened in November 2021 with funding of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) and the assistance of Dutch water operators VEI. Because Saba has no drinking water distribution system many people rely on bottled water. Saba Splash provides safe, affordable drinking water, a basic need for the people.

The Saba Splash team on the parking lot Wednesday included manager Oscar van der Kaap, assistant Justin Linzey and Fred Elgers and Eric Adamse of VEI.

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