Health Ambassadors magazine launched

The Public Health Department launched the Saba Health Ambassadors magazine this week.

The goal of this magazine is to showcase people in the Saba community who are health conscious and incorporate an active lifestyle in their daily lives. These Health Ambassadors also have a passion for motivating and inspiring others in the community to work on their health. The magazine was created by health promoter Allan Carolina.

The publication is part of the health promotion goals of stimulating a healthy lifestyle for residents to reduce overweight, obesity and negative health consequences that these bring for the community. A new edition will be released every three months in which 10 new ambassadors will share their healthy lifestyle habits and activities to motivate and inspire others.

“We hope you enjoy reading this magazine. Let us work together on our general health and wellbeing by taking small steps daily,” said Carolina. The digital version of the magazine can be found here:

Saba Health Ambassadors by Allan Carolina – Flipsnack

Health promoter Allan Carolina with the magazine.


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  1. I nominate My Husband..Michael Chammaa!
    He hikes 5-6 mornings a week and is also in the gym 5-6 days a week @ age 65! And is strong as a horse and fit as a fiddle!

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