Police report of Monday, the 29th of April until Friday, the 3rd of May 2024

Arrest assault with a weapon

On Tuesday, the 30th of April, around 6:15 AM, a 31-year-old man with the initials I.D.R. was arrested on Captain Mathew Levenstone Street on Saba for assault with a weapon. The suspect was involved in a brawl during the overnight hours of Saturday, the 27th of April. Investigations in the case are ongoing.

Residence on fire

On Monday, the 29th of April, around 10:35 PM, the central control room received a report of a residence on fire at English Quarter on Saba. The fire department, ambulance, and a police patrol were dispatched to the scene. Two victims with injuries were taken by ambulance to the hospital for medical treatment. One of the victims was shoving a jerry can of gasoline while holding a cigarette in his mouth. At some point, the cigarette fell, setting everything on fire. The fire department put out the fire. Later, both victims had to be flown to St. Maarten for further medical treatment.


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