Police report of Friday, the 4th of March until Monday, the 7th of March 2022

Diver passed away
On Sunday, the 6th of March, around 10:30 AM., the police station received a report that a diver on a boat had become unconscious. The paramedics immediately started CPR when the victim was brought ashore. But this was without result. The victim was found to have died of natural causes around 11 AM. It concerned a man with the initials M.A.P. born on the 5th of May 1952 in the United States.

Man arrested
On Saturday, the 4th of March, a 21-year-old man with the initials T.A.Q.T. was arrested on Saba for violation of the Opium Act BES. The suspect was performing a wheelie on a scooter. As a result, he was stopped for control. The driver had a joint in his mouth when he was stopped. A strong marijuana-like odor could also be observed coming from the driver’s clothing. This was the reason to switch to an inspection within the framework of the Opium Act BES. Two bags containing marijuana-like herbs were found in a waist bag that the suspect was carrying. The following day, as a result of this arrest, a search was made in a house on Flamboyant Street. Among other things, a quantity of marijuana-like herb, marijuana seeds, cash and preparation materials for the sale of drugs were seized.


Caribbean Netherlands now in direct contact with INTERPOL
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  2. The diver passed away on Statia though. Really not made clear in the text.

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