Petition to ban bar fights presented to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson

Bar and discotheque owners on Saba on Tuesday, March 8 presented a petition to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson to ban persons who fight inside and outside their establishments.

Think About It bar owner Byron Hassell (left) hands over the petition to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.

The owners of bars and discotheques are fed up with the fighting inside and directly in front of their establishments. “Fighting not only creates dangerous situations but also scares off patrons,” it was stated in the petition, signed by 13 owners. Through the petition, the Island Governor was asked to implement a ban for the hotheads.

The petitioners proposed that aside from always calling the police, the bar owner can decide to ban a person who gets involved in a first-time fight. In case of a second fight within six months, a ban is issued for that particular bar and the area in front of it for three months, also for Carnival and Saba Day if that falls within the three-month timeframe.

When a person gets involved in a fight for the third time within six months, that person is banned from all bars, the area directly of front and island events where alcoholic beverages are served, including Carnival and Saba Day, for a period of six months.

“We are trying to get people who fight banned from bars through the police and the government. The idea is that if people keep fighting, they get banned from all bars. We have to protect the bar owners and the customers,” said Byron Hassell of the Think About It bar, who presented the petition to Island Governor Johnson.

The Public Entity Saba backs the petition. “People should be able to enjoy themselves without being disturbed by troublemakers. People need to be able to enjoy their evening safely. Hopefully, this bar ban will prevent fights from happening,” said Johnson.

The Public Entity Saba also appreciates that the owners of the establishments took this initiative and take the responsibility for the safety inside and in front of their business seriously. Bar owners may keep troublemakers out of their establishment.

The petition initiative was communicated to the Public Entity Saba prior to the official handing over of the petition to the Island Governor. Two bans have already been issued. Measures to act against fighting and other acts that disrupt public order are already in place during Carnival and Saba Day.

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