Police report of Friday, 27th of May until Monday 30th of May 2022

On Sunday, the 29th of  May, a house search was carried out in the morning hours at a house on the Lambert Hassell road on Saba. The house search was carried out in the context of the Firearms Act and Opium Act BES. A 71-year-old man with the initials F.W.G. was arrested for violating the Opium Act BES.


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  1. Did anyone see a report on the May 13th break-in in Windwardside at the cottage behind Brigadoon? If there hasn’t been a report, why not? The perpetuator left their cell phone after a hasty exit and the police have or had it.

    • What?? Not heard a word..but again I don’t hear much!
      I though…recently had newly purchased wood taken off a home I manage in Flat Point, up two flights of steps…purchased for a bed frame….yep taken right off ……the freaking porch!!!!!!!
      (FROM….The Home next to the…..ugly two story on your way down to the airport!
      And have heard more stories of thieving going on as of lately!
      My disappointment in this was ….slap my head craziness! Who does that?? Goes up on your porch?????
      If you saw anything please drop me a note!
      Sorry to hear people got nerve to not make their own way in life, take from another! Sad!

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