Police looking into apparent sabotage of the harbor crane.

The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN is investigating an apparent case of vandalism after acid was thrown onto mechanical parts of the only government-owned crane in Saba’s harbor last Wednesday, rendering it inoperable.

Saba’s Government-owned harbor crane.

KPCN spokeswoman Genesis Saragoza confirmed that an investigation had started following an official complaint filed by the Saba government and that the evidence collected so far points to vandalism and apparent sabotage of operations. “We are investigating who the perpetrators could be and what could be the possible cause,” said Saragoza.

Repairs have been ongoing this week and it is understood that the crane is working again.

However, because it is used to haul boats out of the water during periods of rough seas, the crane being out of commission for almost a week came at great expense to Saba fishermen.

With the bad weather forecast this week, Saba boats had little option but to travel to St. Maarten for safe anchorage and, according to one fisherman, this trip could cost more than US $1,000. Fuel could cost between $200 and $600, the fisherman said, adding that some persons have to stay in St. Maarten for multiple days, racking up daily docking fees of $50 and hotel bills of $120 per night.

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