PES Employees Complete Dutch Language Courses

Over the past four months, 16 Public Entity Saba (PES) employees participated in Dutch language classes at levels A1, A2, and B1. PES facilitated these courses in collaboration with the Saba Reach Foundation.

Initiative and Support

Recognizing the importance of Dutch language proficiency, the Department of Human Resources proactively encouraged employees to learn Dutch. The classes were integrated into the workday as part of the employees’ professional development. This initiative aims to enhance career opportunities for employees and enable them to participate in exchange programs with other BES islands and the European Netherlands.

Participant Feedback

Rodolfo Gonzalez, a member of the HR Department and participant in the program, shared his positive experience: “Through this program, I have already seen improvement in my understanding of the Dutch language and am enthusiastic about beginning the A2 class.” He further emphasized HR’s commitment to maintaining this proactive approach and encouraging more employees to engage in language learning programs.

Saba Reach Foundation’s Role

The Saba Reach Foundation has been providing adult language education courses to the community for several years, offering Dutch, English, and Spanish at various levels. The next intake for Dutch A1 classes has begun, with both afternoon and evening sessions starting in mid-August.

Upcoming Certification Ceremonies

The certification ceremony for A1 students is scheduled for August, with almost 80% of the A1 class having passed the exam. A2 and B1 certification ceremonies will be held later in the year.

This initiative underscores PES’s commitment to employee development and the importance of multilingual proficiency in enhancing career prospects and fostering greater collaboration within the region and beyond.


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