Opinion: What is happening to our Unspoiled Queen?

Dear Editor,

On January 31st, 2024 the crane that has multiple uses on Saba, (especially in the Fort Bay area) was apparently “sabotaged” ” severing a lifeline for many in the boating community.

It is with great sadness that such malice can take place on such a tiny island. You would think you would be trying to help one another, instead of causing such damage that it affects more than your potentially intended target; (if indeed a specific party was being targeted).

Who were they? Either way, more than 1 party will be affected for sure by this and other recent incidents.

Just a few days earlier on Sunday, the 28th, a distressed foreign boat arrived at the Fort Bay taking on water and the same crane that was “sabotaged”, saved the boat from sinking.  After the boat was lifted from the water, a hole was found in its hull. Without the crane, it is without a doubt that the boat would have sunk.

Do people not think before their actions? Do they not realize that by damaging this crane they have put the entire boating community at risk? People’s businesses and livelihoods?

What is the back up plan now with the crane down for a storm or God forbid another boat that is potentially sinking? The government trailer and trying to use the ramp is risky and not always accessible pending weather or other variables.

The damaged crane is the lifeline that pulls vessels out of the water in an emergency and can be the deciding factor if someone’s livelihood sinks or gets rescued. Whether someone can continue supporting their family or not. How could someone do something like this? Running a vessel to Sint Maarten to be pulled out is not the solution to every situation, especially when time is of the essence.

Let’s not forget the recent burglary of an 80+ year old man’s life savings, The multiple burglaries before that, guns being pulled on our locals by authorities or the fact that our schools and their staff are now suffering and un-settled.

What is happening on our tiny little piece paradise?

How do we call this home, if we can’t even feel safe here?

How do we continue to call her the “Unspoiled Queen”?

How do we promote tourism with incidents like this?

We can only hope justice will be served and the island can move forward in peace and unity.

A concerned citizen.

(Name withheld on request)

Bonaire’s interim island registrar, Arjen de Wolff has apologized to the Saban population
Mosquito Mondays aim to help the Community “Fight the Bite”.

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  1. I’m not a detective, but I see a pattern here. It appears that some are being treated unequally, when it come to paying jobs/contracts, while the selected few are getting them all! Saba is on a decline when it comes to morals, but then again it’s what “The People “ voted for!….

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