Opinion: Urgent concerns regarding school board negligence and mismanagement

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter anonymously to bring at­tention to the alarming is­sues surrounding the cur­rent state of affairs at Saba Comprehensive School and Sacred Heart School on Saba. It is with a heavy heart that I express my con­cerns about the apparent lack of oversight from the school boards, which has resulted in the deteriora­tion of trust and confidence within the educational community and the broad­er public on Saba.

One of the primary is­sues at hand is the school board’s failure to effec­tively manage the appoint­ed Executive Director. Shockingly, the Executive Director has been given un­checked authority to write and send termination let­ters to staff of Saba Com­prehensive School and Sa­cred Heart School without the necessary proofreading or approval by the board. Or so they claim they were not aware. This negligence has led to significant dis­ruptions and unwarranted distress among the school staff.

Furthermore, there are distressing reports of the Executive Director micro-managing various positions within the school, creat­ing a toxic and inefficient working environment. This micromanagement not only hampers the effectiveness of the staff but also raises questions about the school board’s inability to manage and address such manage­rial overreach.

Equally troubling is the school boards’ conspicuous absence within the schools, hindering the fostering of a positive relationship with staff, sometimes not even knowing employees’ names (Saba is only 5 square miles). The lack of a visible presence from the board members leaves teachers and staff feeling unsup­ported and undervalued. Specifically, the president of the Saba Comprehensive School board seems to only make brief appearances for lunch at 12:00 o’clock, with­out engaging substantively with the day-to-day affairs of the school.

The lack of trust and con­fidence from both high school and primary school teachers in the school boards is palpable. This sentiment is mirrored by the community, including parents and residents of Saba, who have lost faith in the school boards’ ability to oversee and safeguard the well-being of our educa­tional institutions.

Regrettably, this is not the first time such incidents have occurred under the watch of the school boards. It is high time for the school board to acknowl­edge their negligence in managing the schools and the Executive Director. The situation demands immediate attention and a resolution that goes be­yond superficial changes.

I urge the school board to take responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof, and consider gracefully dissolv­ing the boards. This would pave the way for new, com­petent individuals to step in and rebuild what has been broken. It is crucial that members of the new school board are not cherry-picked by the current board, as this raises concerns about per­petuating the same issues. Our children’s education and the reputation of our community are at stake. I implore OCW, the minis­try of education, someone, investigate these matters thoroughly and hold those responsible accountable. The community of Saba deserves a transparent, re­sponsible, and accountable school board that priori­tizes the well-being of our educational institutions. Sincerely,

A very concerned citizen.
Name withheld at author’s request.

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  1. Very ,very good! Thank you for writing this so eloquently!
    I fully support you, but for reasons we all know I am withholding my name also.

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