Opinion: An ominous cloud hangs over the educational system on Saba

Dear Editor,

In the heart of Saba, a press­ing concern grips the com­munity as the education sys­tem faces tumultuous times. Over the past two months, Sacred Heart School and Saba Comprehensive School have witnessed disruptions due to the negligence of the now-resigned School Boards Executive Director. How­ever, his lingering influence intensifies the gloomy at­mosphere for the dedicated school staff.

The School Boards of SKOsaba/SEF cling to pow­er, refusing to relinquish control despite the urgent need for change. The res­ignation of the Executive Director, while a step in the right direction, cannot erase the damage caused under their watch. Dismiss­als of teachers, recovering from mounting debts, and a compromised educational environment cast a shadow over the future of our chil­dren’s academic develop­ment.

The call for the dissolution of SKOsaba/SEF School Boards echoes through frustrated parental voices island-wide. It’s time to usher in fresh perspec­tives, unbiased individu­als who can prioritize the well-being and educational advancement of our chil­dren. The current leaders, intoxicated by their author­ity, must acknowledge their responsibility in the crisis that has unfolded.

With only one elementary school and one high school on the island, options are limited, leaving the com­munity anxious about the future. The plea is clear: dissolve the existing boards, bring in new leadership, and rebuild the founda­tion of education in Saba. The community’s faith is waning, and the urgency to secure a brighter future for our children cannot be overstated. It’s time to stop playing with our children’s future and take decisive action for the sake of their education.

A very concerned parent
Name withheld at author’s request.

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