Oath of Office for Bram Streppel, the New Island Secretary

On Friday, September 1st, Saba welcomed its new Island Secretary, Bram Streppel, who officially took the oath of office in a ceremony marked by optimism and promise for the community. Bram brings with him a vision characterized by openness, transparency, and collaborative effort.

Bram Streppel, Island Secretary Saba 

As he began his tenure, he extended an open invitation to Public Entity employees, stating, “My door is always open. Feel free to drop by anytime, and share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, as we collaborate to create an even better working environment for all.”

With principles grounded in collective action, Bram is committed to driving the growth and development of services for the people of Saba and enhancing the continuous progress of the Public Entity.

He thanked the community for the warm welcome he had already received and expressed eagerness to make a difference. “Together, I think we will achieve new heights and positively impact the lives of our fellow citizens,” he affirmed. The Public Entity Saba looks forward with anticipation to the positive changes the new Island Secretary aims to implement.


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