Nordic Scout Team assesses the island’s suitability for hosting roller ski races

During the week of May 15th to May 19th, a Nordic ski scout team will be present on the island. The team will be conducting activities that include walking Saba’s roads and testing roller skiing. Please be advised of the scout team and the pilot vehicles that will be leading or following them during their activities.

The Nordic scout team

Nordic Skiing

The activity and sport of Nordic skiing encompasses various skiing styles, such as cross-country and telemark skiing, where only the toe is attached to the ski. It differs from alpine skiing, where the boot is attached to the ski at both the heel and toe.

This visit of the Nordic ski scout team on Saba is part of their consultation process to assess the island’s suitability for hosting roller ski races in the future as well as for an off-season practice location. Their testing activities will predominantly focus on uphill terrain rather than downhill slopes.

Further Notice

Throughout the week, the Public Entity will be providing regular updates on the team’s specific testing locations and scheduled times. We encourage you to stay informed.


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  1. Melissa Stabile

    This is so awesome! Nordic training in the Caribbean!

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