Nine persons received swimming diplomas

Last week from May 26th to May 29th, The Public Health Department hosted swimming lessons for children and adults in collaboration with St. Eustatius Swimming Association. Instructors were Carlos Lopes and Coach Alejandro Londono Garcia with the assistance of Casey Lopes. It is evident there is strong interest from the community in advancing their swimming skills, as there were 40 children and 5 adults who signed up and attended the lessons.

Swimming lessons in Cove Bay

Nine persons received their swimming diplomas. In the last 2 years, twenty-five persons on Saba have received their A, B, or C diplomas.

Annually, The Public Health Department receives funding from VWS to execute swimming lessons for the community of Saba. The goal is to facilitate professional swimming lessons on Saba, so everyone can enjoy swimming as part of a healthy, active lifestyle and do so safely. To realize this goal, the Public Health Department is supporting Coach Alejandro Londono Garcia in obtaining his swimming instructor certification, ensuring the opportunity for regular swimming lessons to be more accessible to the people of Saba in the future.

GIS Saba

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