Next stage of the Implementation of the new Traffic Ordinance is at hand

The next stage of implementation of the new traffic ordinance is at hand. The ordinance was passed by the Island Council in May 2022. Since then, the ordinance has been implemented slowly by the Public Entity Saba and KPCN. From the 15° of June, people can also expect to be fined for failure to wear a seatbelt.

Just a reminder:

  • Ensure your tint complies with the traffic ordinance in effect. For the front windshield and two side windows, at least 35% of light needs to reach through your car. All other windows and a 7-inch strip at the top of your windshield can be blackened out.
  • Use an appropriate car or booster seat for children under 1,30 meter in length. This child seat needs to adhere to international standards. European seats will have an orange label stating ECE R44-04. American seats will have a label stating the car seat is certified to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or FMVSS 213. Most seats coming from reputable sellers in the US or EU will adhere to these standards. Adhere to manufacturer instructions when it comes to which size seat to use for your child and where to place the seat in your car.
  • Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Helmets also need to comply with International standards and be in good condition. Helmets that conform to DOT and/ or ECE safety standards are both fine.
  • Don’t hold your phone or tablet while driving.
  • Make sure your windshields are in one piece and the taillights are working.
  • Cover loose-lying materials at the back of your truck.

For traffic ordinance questions, please visit the website of the Public Entity Saba for the full ordinance or send a message to


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One comment

  1. Kees Jansen

    That is great news for an island where there is one curvy road of some 8 miles long.

    Booster seats for children are a great idea, in particular as they are not available on the island and need to be imported from Europe or the US. So parents, leave your kids at home and never let them travel in the school busses anymore.

    But there is good news for the racers: The maximum speed on the road and within the villages has been increased by 50%. This increases the risks of accidents and physical harm significantly, but Saba Cares ensures that there is a good helicopter service to the hospital in St. Maarten.

    Nothing to worry about.

    Kees Jansen

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