New, bigger edition of Create & Learn Saba after 4 years

Create & Learn Saba is back with more artists and more events. Residents and visitors can take part in four two-week events in February/March, April, June/July and August/September 2023, in which a total of 20 artists will participate.

The first Create & Learn in May 2018 was a month-long program with 12 artists of different skills. Lynn Costenaro and Emily Malsack of the Sea & Learn Foundation, and the organizers of Create & Learn, decided to change the concept a bit for the relaunch of Create & Learn to accommodate more artists and more participants in the creative workshops.

“Everybody loved our first event in 2018. People have been asking for its return,” said Costenaro and Malsack. “In 2018, we did Create & Learn because of Hurricane Irma. We wanted to do something positive after that terrible hurricane to inspire people, to get something new for the residents and to bring Saba under the attention of visitors.”

Just like in 2018, the artists will, aside from giving workshops for the public, also work with Saba’s youth, the elderly and disadvantaged adults. They will do so by giving adapted workshops during the afterschool program of Child Focus, at the Saba LIFE Center and at Saba Reach.

The visiting artists will facilitate three adult workshops for the public and one workshop at Child Focus, Life Center or Saba Reach. The local artists will do two public workshops and one workshop at one of the three local organizations. Per event, there will be two artists from abroad, mainly from the United States, and three local artists. Some of the outside artists have many followers. The artists will do social media posts, which will help to promote Saba.

The first event, from February 22 to March 8 features Anna Keene (Indigo art), JoBean Chamber (Glass art), Els Mommers (Mixed media fusion), Nikki Furlong (Paper quilling) and Laura Nelkin (Knitting). The second event will take place from April 12-26, the third event from June 18 to July 2 and event four from August 24 to September 7.

The artists that will give workshops in events two, three and four are: Heleen Cornet (Pottery), Karen Slump (Knitting), Sofia Segales (Sewing), Kenyon Hansen (Pottery), Danielle Dunlop (Cardmaking), Kaylee Fisher (Pyrography), John Magor (Knife sheaths), Anise Rodriguez (Silver clay), Melissa Quaal (Make your own espadrilles), Marie Petit (Crafted by Nature), Jo Ann Catsos (Stained glass), Meghann Halfmoon (Leather creations), Pattie Bagley (Basket weaving) and Susan Tenholt (Painting).

People have to register for the workshops through the website Sea & Learn website The February/March workshop schedule is on the website, and the April workshop schedule will be set shortly. The cost per workshop is $20 for residents and $50 for non-residents.

Many crafts traditional to Saba have been incorporated into the program. The idea is that Create & Learn contributes to a sustainable arts and crafts on Saba. “People should be able to continue practicing these arts and crafts after Create & Learn. It makes little sense to introduce a complicated form of arts and crafts that people cannot continue to do afterwards,” said Costenaro and Malsack.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen an increased interest in arts and crafts with more people realizing the benefits of it.

Sea & Learn.

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