Letter to the Editor: Music more important than English on Saba

Dear Editor,

The Hispanic and Latino people on Saba most were not born here. We come here. We not illegal. We are resi­dents. We have papers. We pay taxes. We work hard and we love Saba. I know English to write this letter but our children in the schools do not get it because the schools keep a music teacher and let go the ESL [English as a sec­ond language — Ed.] teacher when they say they have no money to pay teachers. If the children need English, how they learn it? The music teacher teach them English?

The principal of Sacred Heart who talks everything tells certain teachers that their jobs are safe and the executive director, he does as he wants.

The director and the princi­pal need to go. Our children need education just like Saban and Dutch. If you treat us not the same and we go, what will Saba be? Our children deserve to learn. No music, but Eng­lish that they need. So how you explain this?

Name withheld at author’s request.

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  1. Just for clarity, The ESL teacher chose to leave Saba and return back to her home country.

    As much as an asset as Mrs.Marisol was, It was her choice to leave Saba, not the SHS choice.

    Devils advocate here:

    Is SHS looking for a new ESL teacher? Ask them for clarity and truths sake.

    Maybe they have been trying, but the position could not be properly filled with a qualified applicant???


    Maybe they no longer have funds for this?

    We won’t know, unless we ask SHS or their Executive director to clarify.

    @SHS – Can you clarify the above for readers inquisition?

    • Dear JustFacts

      The in Oktober newly appointed ,eager, qualified ESL teacher who was working (and running ) between both schools., whom has been and will be a resident on Saba for a long, long time ,has indeed been fired.
      As I understand. ..against the wishes of both principals.

      The day before Saba Day.
      That is indeed a fact.

      • That is shocking to hear! Makes absolutely no sense at all! As I know how good of a teacher …..this particular woman is!!!!!!! How does that make any common sense at all? I have no children…BUT the island’s future is our island children…Doesn’t take any brains to admit this!?!? Praying for a solution to the education issue on island…life’s only guarantee to a bright future is a Bright Child with assistance to be their best!

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