Opinion: School Boards’ rampant incompetency continues

Dear Editor, please allow me some space in your news cycle.
Good governance needs proper checks and balances. The utter lack of this at the Sacred Heart School and Saba Comprehensive School’s upper echelons has become very much apparent.
The Executive Director has resigned, and it seems that the Supervisory Boards place the blame for the school’s situation at his feet. However, dear readers, who should be blamed more than those who were his supervisors who trusted him blindly and allowed him to run amuck? To see that the Boards cannot accept responsibility for their roles, and do the honorable thing, is very much a concern.
This writer has heard that they’re new mantras are that the staff shouldn’t focus on the past, and they all need to work together. However, my dear readers were the staff of either school the ones to blame for the present situation. I think not!
I have heard whispers that staff have no confidence in either school board any longer. Is this so hard to believe, and who can blame them? They no longer feel secure in their jobs, these feel like difficult times. The wider community has any trust in them anymore either, and yet they’re staying silent.
The Supervisory Boards who should have been living up to their responsibilities and doing the checks and balances on the Executive Director did not do so. They gave one person infinite power, it would seem and did not fulfill their duties as Board members. They should be held accountable. They should resign their positions and make way for citizens who are interested in these roles.
Trying to scapegoat the Executive Director, and trying to make staff accountable for the current situation, shows the utter lack of accountability and self-reflection of the board members. While the Executive Director is wrong, yes, I ask you dear readers again, who raised him to his position? Who should have been looking over his work and Supervising him?
The Supervisory boards of both SHS and SCS neglected their duties. I call on them to do the honorable thing.
The School Boards are scrambling now, at this late date, to figure out what is happening and where they went wrong, while the Executive Director continues to wave his wand at the schools. My dear readers, he has resigned as of March 1st. The Boards have no clue how to manage him, and he, I’m sure, will not allow them to manage him. Where does this leave the employees and our children at both schools?
The Executive Director will leave the island, and leave our schools in complete confusion. The clueless and incompetent Boards are powerless to stop him and cannot recognize their faults and step down. The Boards should resign, and if they choose not to, this writer calls on them to have a town hall meeting and explain to the parents and community what they plan to do. My community, lets hold them responsible and accountable, our children’s educations are at stake!
Name known but withheld on request.
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