MijnCN: the 2-factor authentication to start as of September 1st

Because a user can use his MijnCN account to sign government affairs, MijnCN views security as a top priority. Data is therefore secured in several ways. Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue worldwide. This is why, from the 1st of September 2022, every user will be required to activate the 2-Factor Authentication for his/her MijnCN account.

If users have already activated the 2-Factor Authentication for Social Affairs and Employment (SZW), they do not need to do this again for the Belastingdienst CN.

For more information or help with activating the 2-Factor Authentication for your MijnCN account go to www.mijncn.nl/inloggen. Here you will find an extensive step-by-step plan and an instruction video.

MijnCN was launched in January 2021. MijnCN is the online platform for government services in the Dutch Caribbean. Residents and businesses can easily, safely and quickly arrange their affairs online with the connected services. The Belastingdienst CN was the first service on the platform, on which Inkomstenbelasting (Income Tax), ABB (General Expenditure Tax) and Loonheffing (Wage Tax) tax returns can now be submitted. Social Affairs and Employment also already offers services with 2-Factor Authentication on the platform.

MijnCN: easy, safe and fast.


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  1. Having a computer to login to use the digital services of RCN will be no longer sufficient. This forces everyone that wants to make use of these services to buy a smartphone as well.

    Will RCN make free phones available to those that cannot afford them?

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