Merger of WIB and MCB banks is painful on Saba

Effective November 1, 2022, the Windward Islands Bank branch in Saba and St. Eustatius (Statia) will continue as a branch of Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (Bonaire) N.V. WIB has a regular service branch in Statia, but on Saba there is only an ATM machine that is fully paid by the taxpayers (trough the local government).

WIB’s clients on Saba received a one-day warning that they could collect new banking cards at the government building in person. See below what banking services in 2022 look like on Saba: People had to stand in line for up to 6 hours to get a new ATM card.

Those were the lucky ones. Some clients discovered after 4 hours inline, that their new card had not arrived.

In case one was not in the position to wait 6 hours, WIB promised to send a new card by mail, maybe within 3 months, if it will ever arrive due to the unreliable mail service.

Too bad if one would need cash or pay in a shot in the meantime.

WIB’s motto:

Clients are eager to learn when an MCB ATM terminal will be operational on Saba. That has not been announced yet.

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  1. This was a painful sight to see on Saba. A complete lack of foresight and organisation on the part of this bank.

    Elderly and infirmed individuals had to endure unnecessary heat, inadequate seating was just a few of the issues the people on Saba faced with this disorganized operation. It shows a complete disrespect for Saba peoples’ time and for our patronage over the years to WIB bank.

    Very disappointed in the process…

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