Meet & Greet with Members of the 1st and 2nd Chamber on May 2nd

Members of the 1st and 2nd Chamber will visit Saba and want to talk with the community.
You are all invited to meet them and talk to them about what is vital for you on Saba, Monday, May 2nd, from 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm at the Eugenius Johnson Center.
The delegation consists of;
Tweede Kamer (2nd Chamber)
1. Mariëlle Paul (VVD)
2. Roelien Kamminga (VVD)
3. Jorien Wuite (D66)
4. Joba van den Berg (CDA)
5. Don Ceder (Christen Union Party)
6. Liane den Haan (Fractie Den Haan)
Eerste Kamer (1st Chamber)
1. Paul Rosenmöller (GroenLinks)
2. Toine Beukering (Fractie-Nanninga)
3. Boris Dittrich (D66)
4. Peter Ester (Christen Union)
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