IPKO delegation pays visit to Saba

The Standing Committees for Kingdom Relations of the Dutch Parliament’s First and Second Chambers will participate in the lnterparliamentary Kingdom Consultation IPKO in St. Maarten from Wednesday to Friday, May 4-6. Prior to the IPKO, the Dutch parliamentarians made a work­ing visit to Saba on Monday, May 2, and will visit and St. Eustatius on Tuesday, May 3.

Topics such as opportunities for youngsters and young pro­fessionals, economic development, infrastructure and sus­tainable development are central there. The Dutch delega­tion arrived in Saba on a tight schedule on Monday.

The First and Second Chamber delegations, comprising 10 Dutch Members of Parliament (MPs) arrived at Juancho Yrausquin Airport on Monday morning. They were wel­comed by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and Island Secretary Tim Muller and public entity Saba government advisor Gerald Simmons-de Jong. While at the airport the Dutch politicians were given a presentation by Saba Elec­tric Company concerning renewable energy, solar panels and wind energy.

Meetings with the Executive and Island Councils were held at Eugenius Johnson Center, followed by a presentation by the public entity on several major topics, including public health, culture, social domain, education and BESt4Kids, tourism and the economy. A meet-and-greet with members of the Executive and Island Councils, the civil service and some members of the community was also held at the centre. In the afternoon the visitors went to Fort Bay Harbour and the location of the new harbour. They also paid a visit to the Marine Laboratory and the Hydroponics Garden.

The Dutch IPKO delegation departed for their visit to St. Eustatius late Monday afternoon.

Dutch IPKO delegation arrives in Saba on Monday morning.

The First Chamber delegation comprises Joop Atsma (CDA), Toine Beukering (Faction Nanninga), Boris Dittrich (D66) and Peter Ester (Christian Union). The Second Cham­ber delegation consists of delegation leader MarieIle Paul (VVD), Roelien Kamminga (VVD), Jorien Wuite (D66), Joba van den Berg (CDA), Don Ceder (Christian Union) and Liane den Haan (Faction Den Haan).

The Daily Herald.

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