Inaugural Saba Roller Ski Festival: Sunday May 5 – Friday May 10, 2024 and 2d Annual 10K

Take advantage of being in ski season shape to discover Saba’s three uphill (really uphill!) roller ski courses and its network of technical mountain trails. Cross-training (or just celebrating the change in seasons) doesn’t get any better than this.

Up-hill skiing on Troy Hill

As well as timed races, a touring option is available for those who want to enjoy a week of swimming, skiing, and hiking without clock watching. Touring skiers receive the same benefits and support as racers. Register online at

We tested these roads. They work. They’re fun. They’re a challenge. Read more about the testing phases here and here

The schedule:

  • Sunday May 5: 10K Road race and welcome party
  • Monday May 6: Test day on The Mountain Road and up from the Airport to Hell’s Gate.
  • Tuesday May 7: Race one: The Airport to Hell’s Gate.
  • Wednesday May 8: Off day. Mountain Road open for skiing.
  • Thursday May 9: Race two: The Power Plant to the very top of Troy Hill.
  • Friday May 10: Race three: The Bottom to St John’s.
  • Friday May 10: 4-9 pm. Farewell party at Tropics Bar and Restaurant.
  • Throughout the week: A self-timed, start-any-time, self-reported trail run “Straight up Saba” from the North Coast trailhead via All Too Far and Elfin Forest trails to the summit of Mount Scenery. You will be competing against island trail runners for the grand prize.

Course profiles and detailed descriptions will be available in early 2024.

 Juliana’s  Hotel and  The  C ottage C lub  are offering fifty percent off regular accommodation rates. Details will be provided by email following registration.

Additionally,  Event  66  is offering half-price entry to skiers who elect to stay on for Saba’s unique

 Triathlon  “where even the swim is uphill.”

The triathlon will take place on May 18.

Saba offers scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and a vibrant arts community as well as a  network of trails from sea level to a rare elfin rainforest and the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. See all the island has to offer at  Saba Tourism’s website  .

Event 66

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