Flags fly at half-mast in Saba for former politician Steve Hassell

Flags were flown at half-mast at the Government Administration Building in The Bottom on Wednesday, December 28, for the late former Commissioner and Island Councilman Steve Hassell. He passed away on Tuesday, December 27.

Hassell entered active politics in 1990, when he ran as candidate in the parliamentary elections of the former Netherlands Antilles as the number three candidate for the Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM) party.

Steve Hassell

In 1991, he ran again in the Saba Island Council election, in which he was the biggest vote-getter with 122 personal votes. He was a member of the Island Council and a Commissioner until 1995.

He was very dedicated to the portfolios that fell under him, but tourism, public health, the airport and public works were particularly close to his heart.

Hassell broke his ties with the WIPM party on December 24, 1994, and was removed as Commissioner in January 1995. He joined the Saba Democratic Labour Party and was successful in removing the WIPM party from office.

He left active politics in 1999, but returned in 2003, when his party captured two seats in the Saba Island Council.

He left politics once more, but ran for office again in 2015, joining the Saba Labour Party of his close friend the late Ishmael Levenston.

Hassell completed three full terms as an Island Council member and 7.5 as Commissioner. He was considered a political strategist and a political warrior. He also was a successful businessman. He operated Captain’s Quarters hotel, Eskay Hardware store and an air-conditioning business.

He had a great passion for the development of Saba and promoted the island at many tourism trade shows, such as ITB, the world’s largest tourism trade fair in the German capital Berlin, and Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) shows in the United States.

The true family and community man leaves to mourn his wife Kathleen, his two daughters and other family members.

The Daily Herald.


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