Firm to study subsea cables for Caribbean Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Af­fairs and Climate Policy has asked Pioneer Consulting, an American full-service submarine fibre optic tele­communications consulting and project management company, to deliver its ex­pertise by producing a comprehensive investigation into enhancing the digital connectivity of the Carib­bean Netherlands.

The study will focus on subsea cable infrastructure for IP transit for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (BES) in the growing and potential market for new cable landings in the Carib­bean Sea and surrounding waters, it was stated on the company’s website.

In this study, Pioneer Consulting will specifically address route diversity on subsea cables from BES (and the Eastern Carib­bean in general) to global traffic destinations and pro­vide an overview of existing connectivity around and outside the islands towards international targets and the European Union. The company states that the report will also highlight potential alternative routes for future development.

Pioneer Consulting’s Di­rector of Client Solutions Iain Ritson provides Proj­ect and Account Manage­ment support for this inves­tigation. “We are ready to assist the Ministry of Eco­nomic Affairs and Climate Policy and look forward to presenting our findings. Over the next few months, leveraging on our expertise and the industry knowl­edge we have gained from many previous work assign­ments, we will prepare a re­port detailing the possible enhancements for digital connectivity to the remote municipalities in the Carib­bean region,” Ritson states.

The investigation is part of the ministry’s broader research into strengthening the vital infrastructure of subsea data cables. These cables play an important role in the data traffic be­tween the Netherlands and other countries, and have proven essential to the country’s digital economy.

The Daily Herald.

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