‘Equality within the Kingdom’ congress theme in The Hague

The congress that delegations from the islands will be attending in The Hague December 7-8 has as theme “Equality within the Kingdom” and will feature some 25 speakers and panellists.

During the 32nd congress, organ­ised by Curaçao’s InterExpo or­ganisation, speakers and partici­pants in the panel discussions will share their thoughts on equality in the kingdom, how they experi­ence this and how it affects their relations with the other partners in the kingdom.

Partners in the kingdom have a long-standing shared history and while collaboration in the interest of the people is the broad objec­tive, the countries do not always agree with each other. Equal­ity, or the lack thereof, is often a source of irritation.

However, there are many joint themes in the Kingdom: justice, defence, education and culture, tertiary studies/students, tele­communications, energy and cli­mate, human rights, tourism and nature.

Having a better mutual under­standing can improve collabora­tion, the organisers stated in a press release. This congress will surely shed light on equal­ity in the Kingdom and dedicate more specific at­tention to the opportuni­ties that good relations and increased collaboration bring, it was stated.

The daily chairperson of the congress will be Mem­ber of the First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament and former judge in Aruba Je­roen Recourt. Former Min­ister of Netherlands Antil­les and Aruban Affairs and former Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Bailin will lead the panel discussions. Speakers will include pro­fessors, experts, scientists, politicians and directors of leading institutions from throughout the Kingdom.

St. Eustatius Island Council Member Clyde van Putten will speak about the Dutch intervention on his island, which in his opinion is un­lawful, and his proposal for a Dutch commonwealth of nations.

St. Maarten Parliament Chairperson Grisha Hey­liger-Marten is on the programme to deliver a speech titled “Equality: The 68-year-old fata mor­gana of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.”

Member of the Statia Is­land Council Koos Sneek will speak about equality, or rather the lack of it, with the Caribbean Netherlands being part of the Nether­lands.

The Daily Herald.

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