Saba Tourist Bureau hosted Social Media Workshop

How to create a post on social media that draws attention and generates business, the does, and don’ts, and the three golden rules of social media. Entrepreneurs in the Saba hospitality and tourism sector learned about this during a workshop on Thursday, October 20, hosted by the Saba Tourist Bureau. Associate Director of Digital Engagement Laurel Allen of the California Academy of Science was on Saba for the annual Sea and Learn program, and she kindly offered to share her expertise with the partners to help expand their knowledge about social media.
Thursday’s social media workshop, with at the right, facilitator Laurel Allen of the California Academy of Science.
“We saw this as a great opportunity to partner up with Sea and Learn and the California Academy of Science,” said Saba’s Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell. Social media is not only a good way for businesses to promote their product, but it is also an important component in attracting visitors to Saba while highlighting the destination product. When partners post attractive, fun, and interesting content, it helps to promote the island in general, most visitors use social media prior to, during, and after their visit. “It is crucial that our tourism and hospitality partners have their social media platforms and business listings on google up to date, as it helps the entrepreneurs to attract more business but also increase their engagement with their audience. Social media is a broad tool that can be efficient and effective for any business, digital marketing is key,” said Hassell.
The workshop was well-attended and received positive feedback from the participants. Hassell said she looked forward to organizing the next session on digital marketing tools.
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