Saba still highest in level of vaccination

Saba re­mains at the top of the list with the highest vaccina­tion level within the Dutch Kingdom, Dutch Minister of Public Health, Welfare and Sport Ernst Kuipers stated in a COVID-19 up­date letter to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Par­liament on Tuesday. In Saba, 93 per cent of the …

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Update – Post Arrival Testing for COVID

Since February, we have been making significant changes in our Covid-19 measures based on our vaccination and booster rate and the dominant circulating strain of Covid-19, Omicron. Although the omicron variant is highly transmissible, the hospitalization rate is lower, especially amongst the vaccinated and boostered. From Thursday, March 17th, as part …

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2022 gave Saba another successful “Saba Doet”

Hundreds of volunteers took part in the Saba Doet 2022 last Friday and Saturday. Volunteers of all ages collected plastics from the shoreline in Giles Quarter, painted the outer walls of the H.C. Every Home for senior citizens, played games with senior citizens, beautified the patio of the greenhouse of …

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Performance of the Sacred Heart School is still insufficient.

On  25 November 2021, the Inspectorate of Education carried out a quality study at the Sacred Heart school.   The report has been published a few weeks ago. The Inspectorate concluded that the quality of education at Sacred Heart School is insufficient. In its report, the Inspectorate states that the Sacred …

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Delegation to The Hague for meetings next week

A delegation of the Public Entity Saba will be in the Netherlands as of next week for talks with the Dutch ministries. With the various ministries in The Hague, the delegation will be discussing a wide range of topics that are important for Saba. These topics include the free allowance, …

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