Cases of COVID•19 went down slightly on islands

At a total of 4,688, the number of positive COVID-19 test results slightly decreased in the Dutch Carib­bean in June 2022.

The vast majority of the number of positive test results, 3,551, was registered in Aruba. The num­ber of positive test results in the Dutch Caribbean was 4,949 in May, according to information published by the Netherlands Na­tional Institute for Public Health and Environment RIVM late last week.

The large number of positive test results is mainly due to pas­sengers departing to the United States (US) who, until July 1, were obligated to test before trav­elling to the US. Since the change in this travel policy to the US, both Aruba and St. Maarten re­ported fewer positive test results and a higher positive-test rate.

In Aruba, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, easy and free testing was available in June and part of July. In Curacao and St. Maarten, no more tests are being conduct­ed on a large scale through the public health authorities. Testing in these two countries only takes place on the indication of a doc­tor or the hospital. Commercial testing still takes place.

After the first infections with Omicron B, subvariant BA.5, were detected on the islands in May, the first infections with Omicron A, subvariant BA.4, were found in analyses. It is ex­pected that the share of these two variants will further increase dur­ing the summer.

Omicron A and Omicron B are now circulating in St. Maarten (9% in week 23, Omicron A), Bonaire (14% Omicron A), Cu­racao (39% Omicron A and B) and Aruba (52% Omicron A). No analyses are being conducted in St. Eustatius and Saba to de­termine the exact variant of CO­VID-19.

Curacao reported 595 new CO­VID-19 cases in June, which is considerably lower than the 1,683 in May. The positive-test rate in Curacao was 23%. Fewer than five COVID-19-related hospital admissions took place and fewer than five persons died of COV­ID-19 in Curacao in June.

In St. Maarten, the number of positive test results stabilised in June with 236 persons testing positive for COVID-19, while the positive-test rate increased to 7%, which is still low compared to other countries. Twelve per­sons with COVID-19 were admit­ted to hospital in St. Maarten in June, and no COVID-19 deaths were reported in that month.

In Aruba, the number of hos­pital admissions tripled to 68 in June compared to May, when 21 persons were admitted to hospital for COVID-19-related com­plications. In June, seven persons died from CO­VID-19 in Aruba, whereas there were fewer than five deaths in May. Aruba had the highest number of posi­tive test results with 3,551 persons testing positive in June. The positive-test rate was 47%.

In Bonaire, 224 positive test results were reported in June, which is slightly more than in the previous month. Five persons were admitted to hospital, while no COV­ID-19-related deaths were reported. The positive-test

rate in Bonaire in June was 72%.

The number of positive test results in St. Eustatius increased slightly in June: 65 new COVID-19 cases were reported that month. The positive-test rate was 30%. Fewer than five per­sons were admitted to hos­pital with COVID-19-relat­ed complications and there were no deaths.

In Saba, 21 persons tested positive for COVID-19 in June, with a positive-test rate of 12%. Three persons with underlying medical conditions were hospital­ised with COVID-19 in Saba in June.

The Daily Herald.

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