Battle of Islands being held in Statia and Saba

A group of 22 youths and adults from Saba arrived in St. Eustatius on Sunday, July 10, to compete in the Battle of the Islands event.

The initiative is a collabo­ration of the St. Eustatius Health Department and A+ Academic and Pro­fessional Training Centre (APTC). The event will be a mind and fitness chal­lenge featuring running. swimming, island relays and other activities.

Saba’s Sports Facilitator Joelyn Robinson (extreme left) with the Saba children and adults and A+ Academic and Professional Training Centre Group Leader Rachel Courtar (ex­treme right).

Youths from Statia and Saba ages 12-18 will com­pete. A+ APTC President Andrenne Roulston said, “It will not only be based on physical strength but also mind strength as well.”

The Saba youngsters will remain in Statia for three days and the Saba and Statia groups will travel to Saba on Thursday, July 14, to continue the competi­tion, which will last another three days. “So, we will see who is the champion of the Battle of the Islands. Will it be Statia or will it be Saba?” asked Roulston.

The Daily Herald.

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