Community Development Department Saba

Community Development Department Saba
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+599 416 3311
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Our goal is to create focus on the community of Saba to establish a connection where the community is open to sharing any questions and challenges they have.

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The Department of Community Development, located at the old daycare building, provides a safe, welcoming, and confidential space for all clients.

Here we strive to support the community of Saba by identifying and taking collective action on important issues affecting individuals and families in the community and empowering them to become emotionally stronger, financially independent, and self-reliant.

We aim to bring about positive change and facilitate developments to enhance the lives of the community of  Saba.

Focus areas of Community Development:

  • Social Work

  • Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

  • Preventative Youth and Family Care

  • Culture & Identity

Social Work

Social workers are available via appointments, home visits, walk-ins, phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp.

Office: +599-416-3311 ext. 311     Mobile: +599-416-6197

The social workers provide support to the adult community using;

  • Guidance
  • Practical Advice
  • Emotional support
  • Financial assistance
  • Poverty or debt relief
  • Offering a listening ear
  • Budget training
  • Tools and tips
  • Anger management
  • Social skills
  • Job applications
  • Distance to the labor market
  • Disability support

Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

Everyone has the right to live a life free of violence and abuse, and neglect.

The Domestic Violence Service supports women, children, and young people experiencing violence and access services they need to be safe and feel supported.

This service currently;

  • Provides confidential advice and advocacy on safety planning, risk assessment, finding legal advice, housing, and safeguarding minors and vulnerable adults.
  • Processing referrals, and reports about the safety of children and adults within the community
  • Making decisions on the most suitable response based on individual and family needs and the level of risk
  • Passing on referrals to the most appropriate stakeholders

Work is underway to develop an accessible and sustainable central advice and reporting point that all persons in the community can contact for information, advice, support, and guidance on family violence.

If you are worried about a child or an adult, please call +599-416-3311 ext. 317 or +599-416-7266

In emergencies, please call the police on 4163737, 911 or 112


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