Wilson signs agreements in New Caledonia

Commissioner Rolando Wilson during his attendance at the 19th EU-OCT Forum in New Caledonia last month signed two agreements strengthening the relations of the European Union (EU) with Saba and securing investments in Saba’s renewable energy.

Commissioner Rolando Wilson (left) and EU Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen signed the agreement, confirming the 4.1 million euro from the EU to support renewable energy for Saba.

President of New Caledonia Louis Mapou and Wilson signed a Declaration of Corporation as a confirmation of the existing good relations between the EU’s Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and Saba and the ambition to continue working together.

Wilson also signed a document with EU Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen for the 11th EDF for 4.1 million euros to support renewable energy for Saba. The EU, under its Green Deal program 2021-2027, will be making 4.1 million euros available for renewable energy on Saba.

The Saba Electric Company (SEC) is currently preparing the Phase 3 renewable energy project and is researching the feasibility of wind energy along with additional solar energy in combination with more battery storage. This project will enable Saba to advance its long-term vision of 100% sustainable energy and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation by 2025.

In the document that Wilson and Urpilainen signed in New Caledonia, it is stated that “The parties look forward to the implementation of this important initiative under the Decision on the Association of the Overseas Countries and Territories, including Greenland, adopted by the European Council on October 2, 2021.”

Under the 9th and 10th EDF, Saba received 10 million euros from the EU for the Under the Hill housing project Phase 1 and 2. Phase 1 has been completed and Phase 2 is slated to be completed in early 2023. Eviton Heyliger was a member of the two-person Saba delegation and acted as an observer.

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