Wastewater-treatment plant for Under the Hill project

Saba’s Commissioner in charge of Housing. Ro­lando Wilson, Own Your Own Home Foundation (OYOHF) technical director Eviton Hey­liger and Planning Bureau head Bobby Zagers visited the company EXOFOR in French St. Martin on Mon­day, September 12, to have first-hand observation of the wastewater-treatment plant that will be used for phase two of the Under the Hill project. As this is the first wastewa­ter treatment plant in Saba, it was deemed essential to make the visit to French St. Martin to witness the opera­tion of the type of plant that will be used for the project in Saba.

From left: Planning Bureau head Bobby Zagers, OYOHF director Eviton Heyliger and Commissioner Rolando Wilson.

Three different locations were visited, during which special attention was paid to the odour that was emitted. “At the time that the visit took place it can be stated that the odour was extremely low.

The conclusion is that the proposed type/system can be used,” Wilson stated.

The system will consist of five tanks, two of which will be used for sedimentation of incoming sewage that will flow over into the remaining three tanks. Circulation takes place whereby the water that was not processed will return to the first two tanks and will be processed again.

“It is a four-stage process. The effluent from the fifth tank will go into the existing cesspit,” Wilson explained. The EXOFOR system will be used in collaboration with BazaltWonen, which will be the owner of the project when completed.

The Daily Herald.

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