Volleyball development coach to visit Saba 

The Saba Volleyball Association in collaboration with the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association and NORCECA Federation has secured a Volleyball Developmental Coach for the island of Saba. The volleyball coach Mr. Patricio Bridgewater, who is from the island of Curaçao is a level 3 FIVB volleyball coach and that’s only one of his many volleyball accolades. Mr. Bridgewater has a great wealth of expertise, is dedicated, and is committed to the sport of volleyball. 

Volleyball coach Mr. Patricio Bridgewater


Beginning on 18 June 2023 and continuing for four (4) months, ending on 18th October 2023 Mr. Bridgewater under the general direction, plan, and guidance of the Saba Volleyball Association will:

I. Prepare the U23 female and male teams for participation in the ECVA U23 championships in Dominica and the British Virgin Islands.

II. Assist in developing and implementing the SABA NF Volleyball Development Plan.

III. Represent the best interest of NORCECA, the ECVA, and the SAB-NF to promote and develop indoor volleyball and beach volleyball in SABA.

“Volleyball is a community sport. In fact, it is more than just a sport, it promotes cultural diversity bringing people together to play and learn and offers the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and bonds. From character-building skills such as leadership, teamwork, respect, and communication to the physical benefits of staying healthy and active.” Says  SVA president Kemaul Lee. 

In the upcoming weeks, the Saba Volleyball Association will be inviting all amateur and experienced under-23 youth volleyball players to come and be a part of this National under-23 trials. This will be a great opportunity for our young talents to have a chance to represent Saba at a national level. 

Saba Volleyball Association

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