VNG Delegation Visits Saba

A delegation from the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities) visited Saba on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024. Island Governor, Jonathan Johnson, and Island Secretary, Bram Streppel, received the delegation which consisted of VNG president and mayor of the city of Utrecht, Sharon Dijksma, VNG deputy general director and VNG international director, Pieter Jeroense, and policy advisors Matthijs Peters and Matthijs Kuppen.

The day began with a meeting with the Executive Council where discussions covered past experiences, strategies for improving collaborative endeavors between the VNG and Executive Council, as well as expressions of appreciation for the VNG’s supportive stance towards the island’s development. Subsequently, the delegation also met with the Island Council where they discussed how the VNG could support the Island Council in a number of areas.

Following the completion of discussions, Island Governor Jonathan Johnson led the delegation on a concise tour highlighting various ongoing projects across the island. The itinerary included a visit to Fort Bay Harbor, where the delegation was presented with a visual representation of the upcoming Black Rocks Harbor. Following the visit to Fort Bay Harbor, the delegation proceeded to tour the island’s water facility plant, Saba Splash, gaining valuable insights into Saba’s developmental trajectory.

Continuing their tour, the delegation traveled to Windwardside, providing them with a firsthand experience of Saba’s nurturing environment. Here, they observed Child Focus and the enthusiastic engagement of its youthful participants orchestrated by Mega D, from Sint. Eustatius.

As the day transitioned into evening, the delegation convened with Governor Johnson for a reflective dialogue underscored by the unwavering commitment of both parties to sustained support and enduring collaboration.

Public Entity Saba thanks VNG for their supportive role and increased collaboration.


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