Van Rij asked to explain tax hike

New Dutch State Secretary of Fiscality and the Tax Department Marnix van Rij will have to explain the sudden tax hike in Bonaire, St. Eusta­tius and Saba to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament.

The Second Chamber’s Permanent Committee of Finance during a proce­dural meeting on Wednes­day, January 26, approved a proposal of Member of Parliament Romke de Jong of the Democratic Party D66 to seek clarification from State Secretary Van Rij.

The reason for the re­quest to the state secretary is a recent article on the news website which stated that Carib­bean Netherlands residents will have to pay more taxes in 2022 because several tax deductions will be reduced, as a result of which people will pay more income tax.

According to the website of the Caribbean Tax De­partment, the tax threshold level (“belastingrvije voet”) per January 1, 2022, will go down from US $12,575 to $12,198 per year. In addi­tion, the elderly allowance will be reduced from US $1,421 to $1,378 per year.

The tax changes had not been communicated to residents and/or the local governments and came as a complete surprise. No fur­ther explanation has been given either. The Finance Committee has now asked State Secretary Van Rij to respond to the media report within two weeks, to explain how the tax is designed and why this increase has come as a surprise to the islands. Van Rij is no stranger to the islands: he is a former Na­tional Government Com­missioner for St. Eustatius.

The Daily Herald.

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