Vacancy for Primary School Teachers (2,0 FTE) – starting August 2023

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Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba (SKOSaba) announces there is a

Vacancy for Primary School Teachers (2,0 FTE)
(starting August 2023)

Our organization and school

Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba (SKOSaba) is the only primary school education organization on the island of Saba offering inclusive education. The language of instruction in English and we have a catholic background, but we are open to all other denominations. We currently cater to 170 students. Our student population is diverse in background, language, and socio-economic status with a wide range of needs. A small rise in numbers is expected in the coming years.

The current organization consists of the SKOSaba School Board, a principal, and a management team. The team, with approximately 25 -mainly- full-time teachers and aides, 1 care coordinator, and support staff is very diverse in educational background and experience.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the teacher are:

The class teacher teaches and supervises pupils, contributes to the preparation and development of education, for the school organization, and is responsible for personal professionalization. The class teacher works in a positive way with colleagues, parents, and external parties. The class teacher has strong didactical, pedagogical, and organizational skills.

We are looking for:

  • an enthusiastic motivated teacher who is in possession of a Teacher’s Degree (e.g. PABO or comparable/equivalent to another diploma).
  • has at least 3 years of recent work experience at a primary school.
  • has experience abroad or affinity with the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.
  • has an affinity with and familiarity with the educational profile of the foundation with an inspiring vision of education; is well-informed of current developments in primary education.
  • has a good command of the English language.
  • has experience with multilingual learners.
  • is able and willing to deal carefully with cultural differences.
  • cooperates positively with colleagues and parents.
  • Is able to provide an inclusive classroom environment with full use of the 21st century skills.
  • willing to commit for a longer period of time to the school and the island
  • knowledge of Dutch and/or Spanish and/or ESL is an added bonus!

We offer

  • Salary in pay scale LA or LB Primary Education (will be adjusted in LB/LC/LD when the new labor agreement is signed in the course of the upcoming months), in accordance with applicable conditions of employment laws and depending on various factors
  • relocation package including flights and relocation allowance.


If you wish to apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to  no later than April 15, 2023. Information can be viewed on our website and questions can be addressed to the executive director, Mr. Anton Hermans at above-mentioned mail address

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