Two hikers injured in recent days

In recent days, assistance from emergency services was required in two separate incidents involving hikers on Saba’s trails. On Thursday, January 4th, 2023, a hiker fell on the Maskehorne trail. Promptly responding to the call, the Fire Department (Brandweer) successfully executed the rescue operation in collaboration with the Police Department, marine park personnel, and ambulance staff. This joint effort played a crucial role in ensuring a swift and effective response.

On Monday, January 8th, 2023, the Fire Department responded to another emergency call, this time regarding a missing hiker. The ensuing search ultimately located the missing hiker on the Mount Scenery trail. Throughout the incident, the Fire Department’s team provided steadfast support until the medical team arrived to examine and address the victim’s condition. “We are grateful for the professional and effective responses by the involved Saban emergency services, who acted in close collaboration,” stated Governor Jonathan Johnson.

In light of these events, Public Entity Saba emphasizes the importance for visitors and individuals embarking on hikes to prioritize safety by either adopting a buddy system or consistently informing others of their precise hiking locations. Such measures contribute to enhancing overall safety standards and facilitate more effective emergency responses in challenging situations.


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