Tourist Bureau hosts two events this weekend

The Saba Tourist Bureau will create stimulating community-based tourism events on Sundays, starting in Windwardside. The intention is to bring similar events to the other villages in the coming months.

“The intention is to bring live entertainment in a different setting, Saba has amazing locations, and we want to combine this with showcasing our local artisans and incorporating restaurants to be a part of it. We encourage participants to go out to wine, dine & mingle at participating restaurants after the event. These will have a wine pairing menu,” said Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell. “We invite the community and visiting guests to come and enjoy a Jazzy Sunday. Follow @sabatouristbureau for the details. We thank Juliana’s Hotel and Tropics Café for hosting the entertainers, and also Brigadoon, Chez Bubba, Queen’s Hotel Bar & Kitchen and Ocean Club for their collaboration,” said Hassell.

Coming weekend, the Saba Tourist Bureau is hosting two events: a Zumba and brunch and the Jazzy Sunday with wine, dine and mingle at participating restaurants.

On Saturday, August 27, the Zumba and brunch take place at the Harry L. Johnson Museum grounds in Windwardside starting at 9:30am. Zumba instructor Roxanna will give a unique Zumba class in gorgeous natural surroundings.

This is the first edition and the intention is to bring these sessions to other wonderful and unique settings around the island. After the Zumba session, participants can continue for a fabulous brunch at Chez Bubba Bistro for $25.00. For more information follow @sabatouristbureau or call + 416 2231.

On Sunday, August 28, the Tourist Bureau, in collaboration with participating restaurants will organize the Jazzy Sunday followed by wine, dine and mingle at participating restaurants. This event takes place at the Harry L. Johnson Museum grounds starting at 3:30pm.

Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting experience, with wines provided by Grands Vins de France and snacks by participating restaurants (4 each). There will be live entertainment to delight the afternoon by jazz artists Betty V and saxophonist Connis Vanterpool, and by DJ Kevin Johnson. Tickets cost $20.00 and can be purchased at the Saba Tourist Bureau or at the day of the event at the museum. There will be a cash open bar available.

Saba Tourist Bureau


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