The National Investigation Department investigates the incident with a KPCN police officer on New Year’s Day

In a press release today, the KPCN gave an update on the follow-up of the incident in which a KPCN police officer drew his service weapon in the night hours of New Year’s Day. The incident took place in a hospitality establishment on Saba. In addition to earlier reports, the KPCN management reports that in addition to an internal investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau of the KPCN, a criminal investigation has now been initiated into the conduct of this police officer. This investigation is being conducted by the National Investigation Department. These investigations should bring clarity to the exact facts. Meanwhile, the police officer has been suspended by the Force management and is no longer residing on Saba.

All employees of KPCN are committed to serving the residents of the islands in a qualitative, honorable, and professional manner, 24/7. The Force understands the feelings of the residents of the Caribbean Netherlands, in particular, regarding this incident, those of the community on Saba. This incident has damaged confidence in the force. The Force management attaches great importance to transparency and is committed to restoring trust in the Force.



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