The evolution of Saba Reach Foundation

The Saba Reach Foundation is evolving as it strives to develop itself into an organization modeled after similar European Nederlands ‘social work organizations.’ In the past, Saba has had an insufficient offering for citizens who have a distance to the labor market. As a result of this insufficiency, The Saba Works program was developed, under the Public Entity of Saba.

As of February 1st, 2024, through close collaboration between PES and SRF, the Saba works program formerly led by, Lucrecia Paulina, has transitioned to the Saba Reach foundation under the guidance of SRF interim director, Werner van de Linden. Under the evolved structure of Saba Reach Foundation, which previously used the maintenance of a garden as just one social workplace, more opportunities to provide work, income and development opportunities will be more readily accessible to those in need.

Currently, there are now over 30 participants employed by the Saba Reach Foundation, placed at various private and public sectors on Saba. These participants are now being provided with better benefits than previously offered. Instead of ‘0-hour’ contracts, participants have fixed contracts allowing more benefits such as vacation as well as paid sick leave. In addition to receiving guidance and management from the organization placed for work, program participants also have access to an assigned SRF job coach, to assist with personal development and to ensure participants are incentivized to find a regular job within the labor market.

The evolved Saba Reach and Work Foundation, now not only provides labor market assistance, providing job placement and facilities, but also provides employee as well as employer support to find staff. Securing income for the participants by means of subsidized work, programs established under SRF provides competence and skill development.

With further development plans underway for the Saba Reach Foundation, 2024 promises further expansion and opportunities for the residents of Saba.

Saba Reach Foundation.

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