SZW invites parents to apply for child benefits

The Social Affairs and Employment SZW Unit of the National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands RCN is temporarily extending its opening hours and campaigning for child benefits applications.

All parents and guardians in the Caribbean Netherlands are entitled to child benefits. Child benefit is US $225 per month per child in Bonaire and Saba and $216 in St. Eustatius as of January 1, 2024. SZW calls on parents and guardians to apply for child benefits if they have not already done so.

Child benefits are a contribution towards the cost of raising children ages 0-18 years. All parents and guardians who are citizens of the Caribbean Netherlands are entitled to child benefit. It does not matter how much a person earns. Child benefits are a gift that does not need to be repaid, according to a press release. The RCN SZW Unit pays the child benefits monthly.

Applications for child benefit can be made at the SZW Unit.

In Saba and St. Eustatius, child benefits can be applied for between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm at the SZW office. From Monday, April 15, up to and including Thursday, April 18, the SZW office will be open full days until 6:00 pm to apply for child benefits. During the special opening hours, parents and guardians who come to apply for child benefits will also receive a gift.

To apply for child benefits, the applicant needs to walk with the following documents: the ID card (sedula) of the applicant and partner if they live at the same address, proof of the bank account number, and, if one does not have Dutch nationality, a valid residence permit of the parent/guardian and of the child(ren) for whom child benefit is applied for.

Parents/guardians can also apply for child benefits online by downloading the application form at and sending it with the necessary attachments by email to


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