SXM, Saba’s inaugural Beer, Art, Music Festival celebrates local craftsmanship

St. Maarten and Saba’s vibrant Caribbean culture, cre­ativity, and craftsmanship took centre stage during the first-ever Beer, Art and Music (BAM) Festival held at the Seaview Beach Hotel on January 19 and 20.

The event, organised to showcase the best of locally made products and island talent, featured an impres­sive line-up of craft beers, visual arts, and diverse mu­sical performances.

Craft beer enthusiasts were treated to nine brews, including beers from Pelikaan Brewery, SXM Beers, and the new Saba Cloud Top Beer. “The fes­tival served as a platform to promote these exceptional products, fostering a sense of pride and support for the promising craft beer industry in St. Maarten and Saba,” it was stated in a press release.

In addition to the celebra­tion of craft beverages, the festival highlighted the rich tapestry of local artistry. Attendees experienced a diverse range of artistic ex­pressions, from paintings and sculptures to hand­crafted candles, body prod­ucts, and jewellery. The emphasis on locally made products aimed to stimu­late the growth of the local creative economy.

A scene during the event.

The two-day extrava­ganza featured engaging workshops, including “Sip and Paint a Pint” guided by the talented Jolie Du­zon, and “Sip & Paint Your View” led by Saban artist Mary Thielman. The Fes­tival also had representa­tion from Saba’s Sea and Learn Foundation, whose roots stem from its month­long environmental aware­ness programme and also include cultural heritage projects and art workshops.

The festival’s musical programme showcased an eclectic mix, ranging from the melodic tones of the steelpan and the enchant­ing sounds of the African Kora to the beats of DJ Prince and live performanc­es by Squall Rock Band, In the Mix Band from Saba, and One White Chic.

According to the release, event-goers also enjoyed a myriad of activities such as beach volleyball, a beer, art and music trivia, a live mural creation by Nica La­belle, and beer and food pairings, providing an im­mersive and interactive ex­perience for all attendees. “The festival experienced a dynamic turnout, reach­ing a notable peak on Saturday afternoon when live bands graced the stage. The Boardwalk in Philipsburg, home to the Seaview Beach Hotel and the focal point of the event, witnessed a sig­nificant surge in foot traf­fic, successfully achieving one of the festival’s primary objectives — drawing atten­tion and a diverse crowd to both the boardwalk and the event,” it was stated in the release.

“The Beer, Art and Mu­sic Festival played a crucial role in supporting the local economy, aligning with the principles of the orange economy which refers to all business rooted in cre­ativity, involving things like art, culture, research, sci­ence, and technology. By showcasing and promoting local talent in the realms of craft brewing, visual arts, and music, the festival con­tributed to the cultural and economic development of St. Maarten and Saba.” The event brought togeth­er Caribbean cruise ship passengers, island visitors, and the local community, fostering a sense of com­munity and pride in the unique offerings of the re­gion.

“As the Boardwalk in Phil­ipsburg continues to wit­ness increased live events, the Beer, Art, and Mu­sic Festival stands out as a shining example of how cultural initiatives can con­tribute to the revival and flourishing of local econo­mies. The success of this in­augural event underscores the importance of contin­ued support for the orange economy, recognizing the economic value of cultural and creative industries in the region.”

The Beer, Art & Music Festival will be an annual event and will return for 2025 with the support of its partners Saba Tourist Bureau, Pelikaan Brewery, SXM Beer, Sea and Learn Foundation, the inspiration behind Saba Cloud Top Beer, Makana Ferry and Aqua Mania Adventures. For more information on the event and how to par­ticipate contact michele@ or follow @ beerartmusicfestival

The Daily Herald.

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