Support for parents affected by childcare benefit affair in the Caribbean Netherlands gets underway

As of Monday the 16th of  May, support for affected parents in the Caribbean Netherlands got underway. Maaike Umbelino-van Sleen from the Belastingdienst  Caribisch Nederland  (BCN) coordinates and organizes the necessary support for affected parents on the BES islands.

Maaike Umbelino-van Sleen

On St. Eustatius and Saba, no one has yet been affected by the childcare benefit affair. On Bonaire, initial contact has been made with affected parents who require support. What support is necessary and will be offered depends on the personal circumstances of the parent and the family. The basic idea is to offer the parents and the family a ‘fresh start’ and to ensure that they receive the right support to get their life back on track again after the impact of the childcare benefit affair.

Maaike Umbelino explains: ‘The affected parents I mentioned here are extremely resilient. To leave everything behind after a stressful situation in the Netherlands requires courage. Coming from the Netherlands, it is not always easy to ensure that all family members feel at home and are able to build a new life with their family. It’s great to see that we can support parents in this situation.’

If you have been affected by the consequences of the childcare benefit, UHT asks that you forward your details to the support team for the Caribbean Netherlands. If you give your consent, Maaike will get in touch with you to discuss how things are going with you and your family. If you have any questions for Maaike concerning support on the BES islands, you may also get in touch with her directly. If you want to know more, go to


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