St. Maarten airport: Departure hall ready for passengers, check-in area soon

Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company NV (PJIAE) celebrated a big milestone in the development of the new terminal on Friday.

New departure hall at the Princess Juliana Airport

Since the start of the rebuilding of the airport in 2021, the project has made significant progress and Friday marked a great moment to celebrate with stakeholders, PJIA said in a press release. The new departure hall is now ready to welcome all passengers and by the end of January 2024, the new check-in area will open in a phased approach.

The newly opened departure hall marks a significant milestone in PJIAE’s ongoing commitment to providing the best possible services and amenities for its passengers. The first phase of an extensive upgrade introduces a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, enhancing the overall passenger experience in the terminal building.

New terminal nearing completion

PJIA said travelers will have access to a limited variety of retail and dining options, with several others set to launch in the next months, all selected to enrich the airport experience for all travelers.

The departure hall is designed for passenger growth in the years to come. The new hall, spanning over 10,000 square meters, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and is designed to accommodate 2.5 million passengers. It is a state-of-the-art terminal where the passenger screening and emigration process showcases the latest technological advancements in use.

By the end of January 2024, the new check-in area will be opened in a phased approach. The check-in area is designed to provide passengers with the best check-in experience, including the ability to check in oversized luggage. The unique hybrid self-bag drops are also equipped with counters and can be operated by the airline staff, when needed. This gives the airport the increased flexibility to meet the growth demand in the future.

Brian Mingo, CEO of PJIAE, expressed his gratitude for this milestone: “We are so proud and thankful for all our colleagues and partners who made it happen! On behalf of the Managing Board, I express my deepest gratitude to all. PJIAE is excited to welcome more passengers to the new and enhanced departure hall, offering state-of-the-art facilities and an improved travel experience.”

Silveria Jacobs, Prime Minister of St. Maarten, commented in her speech: “It is through resilience, dedication, and hard work that we have achieved remarkable results for this airport and our nation. Together with all the stakeholders, we have soared beyond obstacles in transforming this airport. Today shows the spirit of our resilient nation that strives for greatness. As we celebrate our achievements today, let us continue to forge ahead, fuelled by the belief that with perseverance, there are no limits to what we can accomplish together for our beloved nation. I want to say thank you to all St. Maarteners, big and small who contributed to this project.”

80 years

As the airport approaches its 80th birthday, preparations are underway for a royal celebration later in 2024. The milestone event is set to honor the airport’s rich legacy of connecting people and cultures across the globe. With a blend of historical reverence and forward-looking optimism, the 80th birthday celebration will be a royal celebration, reflecting the airport’s enduring commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the years to come.


Following the completion of the Departure and Check-in areas, the attention will shift to the second phase, which will be the construction of an upgraded Arrival Hall. The new Arrival Hall will provide a welcoming space for passengers, offering improved baggage handling systems, efficient immigration and customs processes, and enhanced passenger facilities. This phase aims to optimize the passenger flow and ensures a seamless transition from the aircraft to the terminal, PJIA said. Construction of the Arrival Hall is anticipated to be finalized by the second quarter in 2024, in time for summer travel. “Throughout the finalization of the project, PJIAE remains committed to minimizing disruptions for its employees, travelers, and other airport community members. Careful planning and coordination will be undertaken to ensure that construction activities do not hinder the airport’s operations and that passengers continue to enjoy a seamless travel experience.”

The phased approach to rebuilding the new terminal reflects PJIAE’s dedication to upgrading towards world-class airport standards while adapting to the evolving needs of the aviation industry, PJIA said. “This transformative project aims to position the airport as a hub of convenience, comfort, and efficiency, allowing passengers to travel easily and confidently beyond the Caribbean region.”

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