Special social relief for unexpected large expenses

People with low income and unexpected large expenses may be eligible for special social relief. To make people aware of this, the SZW unit of RCN is launching a campaign on this special assistance this week.

Unexpected major expenses that the SZW unit of RCN can contribute to include, for instance, costs for filling a water tank or replacing a water pump, dental expenses, a fridge, stove, washing machine or bed. SZW can also support the purchase of baby necessities or school supplies for secondary school children. The SZW unit of RCN also jumps in when people have to deal with funeral expenses, double rent when moving house or when, for instance, an air conditioner or other items are needed on medical prescription.

Conditions for applications
To qualify for special social relief, one must have been registered for at least 5 years, be over the age of 18 and earn less than 120 per cent of the statutory minimum wage in the household. From the 1st of July 2024, the income limit is set at $2,100 per month.

Special social relief is usually not paid in cash. If someone qualifies for it, SZW pays (part of) the unexpected expenses directly to the supplier.

More information or applications?
On Bonaire, for more information or to apply for special social relief, you can visit the SZW unit of RCN from Monday to Thursday between 08.00 am and 10.00 am, send an email to onderstand@rijksdienstcn.com or call/whatsap to 795 5053.

On Sint Eustatius, people can visit the SZW office at Mazinga Square from Monday to Thursday from 08.00 am to 12.00 or call/whatsap to 790 0052.

On Saba, applications for special assistance are made through Saba Community Development Department, Upper Road 4, The Bottom.


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