Special Enforcement Officers are doing their work

Special Enforcement Officers (BAVPOL) report on their activities.  In total, Saba now has 6 active special enforcement officers: Bobby Zagers, Justin Yu and Thompson Thomas are employees of the Public Entity Saba while Marijn van der Laan works at the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and  Alexandria Hassell and Randall Johnson.

The special enforcement officers, from left, Marijn van der Laan, Bobby Zagers, Justin Yu and Thompson Thomas. Standing in the back is department head Gerald Simmons.

Special enforcement officers don’t wear a weapon, but they can issue a warning and fine. When working, the BavPol enforcers will be clearly identifiable. They will either wear an official ‘handhaving’ uniform or they will wear a formal Public Entity Saba or SCF-issued polo or shirt in combination with a BavPol ID card.


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