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Learn from Sam Frederick how to turn food scraps into rich soil by working with nature. You can reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your home garden with minimal effort by creating an efficient composting system. Sam will be demonstrating the basics of compost making, the dos and don’ts, the benefits of composting, and how to start your own composting units at home.


Sam Frederick is from the island of Dominica. Former garden manager of the Saba Reach Farm. Sam is now the lead farmer at the hydroponics farm. He is an agronomist by training and holds an engineer’s degree in plant production.

This workshop is supported by the Nature and Environment Policy Plan (NEPP) and specifically the reforestation project as part of the Public Entity Saba’s aim to increase awareness among the community to support more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and to embed in the island community the knowledge needed to grow our own food through backyard farming practices using compost to further enrich Saba’s volcanic soil.


Towh Hall meeting on Climate Change: Wednesday, March 13
Road tax must be paid before March 1st

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