SEC struggling with weekly power outages

Saba Electric Company (SEC) has been experi­encing a minimum of one power outage per week since April 7. The outages are caused primarily by the inad­vertent shutdown of the battery energy storage system (BESS), when carrying most of the island’s load.

“These incidents are extremely concerning to us as we will continue to work with the vendor to find a resolu­tion,” president and chief executive officer of SEC Da­vid Leonce stated in a public notice concerning the re­cent power outages.

Leonce said that SEC has engaged with the vendor of the BESS about the current issues. SEC expects the de­ployment of technicians to Saba in the coming weeks to investigate and remedy the problem.

In the meantime, SEC asks its clients for patience, as it “works diligently” to find a permanent solution. “We recognise fully the inconveniences caused by this situ­ation and apologise sincerely as we continue to find a permanent solution with the vendor,” Leonce said.

SEC said its “exceptional reliability” has been consis­tent over recent years and the response time to an out­age has been less than an hour. “Our goal in the com­ing weeks will be to work very diligently to reduce these outages and return to some form of reliable normalcy,” Saba’s power company said.

The Daily Herald.

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